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Alexis is a 17-year-old girl from Texas who is hoping to be adopted.

Alexis is a creative and vibrant child who has a very vivid imagination. She is a very playful child who can play well alone and let her imagination get the best of her or can play well with a small group of children. She enjoys going to church and participating when given the opportunity. Alexis also has a interest in cheerleading. Alexis enjoys school, is very motivated and wants to achieve to do well in school. Alexis reports that her favorite subject is math. She has difficulty sitting still for long periods on time and does test boundaries at times. Alexis is like a chameleon and adapts well to different environments. She does well in smaller groups and prefers more individualized attention. It seems to make her feel more comfortable. She is an affectionate child and responds well to hugs, positive reinforcement and praise. Alexis is a leader and is a very outspoken child. She acknowledges when she has done something wrong and is remorseful. She can also be described as spontaneous and seldom complains.

Alexis would do well in a home that is very structured and patient. She needs a caregiver that will be consistent and firm with her and has boundaries. Alexis wants dearly a family that she can love and call her own.


Agency Child ID: 47315

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