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Aleyha is a 11-year-old girl from Pennsylvania who is hoping to be adopted.

Aleyha is a very sweet girl with black hair and brown eyes. She is friendly, funny, and well-mannered. Aleyha is capable of anything she puts her mind to. She is described in school as being a hard worker. Aleyha's interests include horseback riding, swimming and basketball. She dreams of becoming a professional basketball player. She also enjoys riding her scooter in the summer. Aleyha spends a lot of time with her three younger brothers, but especially enjoys having "girl time" with her foster mother and girl friends. One of her favorite foods is tacos. Aleyha is very helpful around the house and always completes her chores. Sabien is a caring boy with black hair and brown eyes. He is described as being laid back, silly at times, and a hard worker. In school, he is always willing to work. He is very athletic and enjoys playing football, soccer and basketball. In addition, Sabien likes riding his scooter in the summer and he participates in gymnastics during the fall. Sabien plays with his siblings often, but he also has quite a few friends. Chinese is one of his favorite foods. Zavion is an adorable boy with black hair and brown eyes. He is an intelligent and personable child who is eager to learn new things. Although initially shy when meeting someone for the first time, Zavion tends to be silly after he feels comfortable with that person. Affection is important to Zavion and he often asks to snuggle with those close to him. He loves playing with LEGOs and super heroes. He also likes riding his scooter, playing with his siblings, swimming in the summer and participates in gymnastics in the fall. One of his favorite foods is apples with Nutella. Zavyis is an endearing and affectionate little boy with black hair and brown eyes. He loves attention and displays a comical demeanor. Zavyis is very active and enjoys playing outside, particularly in the sandbox. He also likes LEGOs and super heroes. Zavyis participates in gymnastics in the fall. He plays well with his siblings and likes to please others. One of his favorite foods is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Aleyha, Sabien, Zavion and Zavyis would benefit from a two-parent family who is able to provide each child with attention and stability. They interact well with one another as well as with other children. All families will be considered for these four siblings. They are legally free for adoption.

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  • Name: Aleyha
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 11
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • Siblings: 3
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