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Brent is a 15-year-old boy from Texas who is hoping to be adopted.

Brent is a sweet and happy child who always has a smile on his face that will melt your heart. He enjoys playing outside and playing with his peers. When he isn't playing outside, you can usually find him inside playing with his toys or watching TV. Brent enjoys doing simple things like counting and organizing. He prefers to be in calm environments. Although Brent enjoys playing with his peers, at times he needs reminders to share. He can become upset when he has to share because he doesn't always understand why it?EUR(TM)s important. Brent also struggles to understand rules and boundaries at times, and needs reminders about this. He responds well to patient, calm explanations about why rules and boundaries are important and may need frequent reminders about this. Brent tends to get frustrated easily, as he has some difficulties communicating his feelings to others. Being able to express his feelings in a positive way is very important to him, as this is a technique he has learned to use to help him. In the school setting, Brent requires special seating in a classroom to help eliminate distractions. He enjoys attending school, but has trouble finishing class work, homework, and has a hard time sitting still for very long. Brent has an older sister who he loves dearly, who is not part of this adoption. It is very important for him and his sister to maintain a sibling relationship. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

Brent thrives on routine and structure. He needs clear boundaries with consistent consequences and rewards. Brent?EUR(TM)s family will understand his needs and assist him with daily living activities, such as communication, self-care, social situations, and school activities. His family will be patient, as they may need to repeat experiences until proper behavior is learned. Brent will do best in a home that can give him the attention needed to assure he gains social, emotional, and educational skills.


Agency Child ID: 76581

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