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Britton is an 18-year-old boy from Texas who is hoping to be adopted.

Britton has a brilliantly bright demeanor that lights up an entire room. He is usually the happiest child in the room. There are few occasions when Britton isn't laughing and smiling. Britton likes when people talk to him. His eyes light up when those closest to him enter the room. Britton is a bundle of joyful delight. He enjoys watching cartoons, listening to music, and playing with light-up interactive toys. Britton likes to play and observe daily interactions and movements; everything provides interest and amusement for him. Britton is diagnosed with Shaken Baby Syndrome and seizure disorder. Although he is non-verbal, his smile communicates his heart to his caregivers; a heart full of love and gratitude. Britton is non-ambulatory and he utilizes a wheelchair for mobility. He loves to be out and about! Britton is fed through a g-tube. He likes to chew and has his favorite chew items. Britton enjoys school, family time, and going to the beach. He loves being outside and taking trips. When he goes to the beach, he loves sticking his feet in the water. When he can't get to the beach then water-gun fun is one of his favorite things. Britton loves being squirted with water. He is gentle and does not impose on others. Britton uses services at school and is in a self-contained class where he enjoys being with his teachers and classmates. He likes going to high school and being part of the happenings. Britton is considered very social, as he loves interacting and connecting with life and people. He may not be able to express himself in a traditional manner for a person his age, but Britton loves one-on-one fellowship. He reads into the sincerity and love being shown to him. Britton reciprocates by radiating happiness to everyone. He is a sweet child who will be a toddler-at-heart his entire life.

Britton needs a family with experience, or willing to learn how to care for a child with medical needs. He needs a family who is willing to make a lifelong commitment, as he will not be able to live independently. Skills needed to parent Britton are knowledge in seizures, knowledge in g-button feeding and care, and being proactive. His parents must recognize signs early and take appropriate action early in order to ensure a small problem does not turn into a major health issue. Britton has enjoyed a happy and healthy life and wishes to continue doing so with a forever family.


Agency Child ID: 40982

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