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Daniela is a 10-year-old girl from Texas who is hoping to be adopted.

Daniela is a sweet, vibrant child. She has a sweet spirit and a smile that lights up the room. Daniela loves all things girlie, from dress-up and make-up to matching her clothes when she gets ready for school or church. She enjoys wearing jewelry and always likes to look her best. She loves to fix her hair, play with make-up, and try on jewelry. Daniela loves animals and enjoys caring for them. She is also a talented singer. She enjoys singing along with her Ipod and singing in choir at church. Another talent that Daniela is abundantly blessed with is her creativity. She loves to do craft projects, as well as expressing her artistic side through sketching and coloring. Daniela likes riding her bike and enjoys being outside. She is very active and will try just about anything. Daniela is extremely intelligent and enjoys school. She is often on the A Honor roll. She blossoms with positive reinforcements and rewards for good behavior.

Daniela desires a traditional forever family. Since Daniela enjoys art, singing, and all things girlie, she will benefit from a family who will encourage and participate in the things she enjoys. Daniela will do well in a two parent home. She identifies with her African American and Hispanic heritage and is eager to learn more about both. Daniela would love to have other siblings in the home. She can be both a great big sister and a great little sister. She will benefit from a loving family who will set boundaries for her and provide her plenty of structure. Daniela is ready to meet her forever family and start her life with them.


Agency Child ID: 78590

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