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Delia is a 11-year-old girl from Texas who is hoping to be adopted.

Delia, who prefers to be called Delilah, is a beautiful girl with a pretty and bright smile. She is mild mannered and soft spoken, but she likes her voice to be heard. She loves being a big sister to her younger brother and sister. When it comes to interests and past times, Delia is a ?EURoegirly-girl.?EUR She loves fashion and shopping. Delia also loves to cook. She is eager to learn in the kitchen and a "great helper" in general. Delia plays the clarinet and has also expressed interest in learning how to play the piano. She likes to be a part of a group and participate in activities, such as cheerleading and dance. She excels when she can be involved in these and other activities that allow her to build relationships with positive peers. While Delia continues to work on ensuring her friends are positive influences, she is also learning how to focus on being her age and not worry about growing up. In school, Delia does well academically with the right support and encouragement.

Delia, Mike, and Mariah get along very well. They are always looking out for each other and will thrive in a home where they can continue to do so. Delia takes on the "big sister" role with her younger siblings and enjoys helping out around the house in general. All three children are very active and they love any activity that gives them the chance to work together as a team. Delia tends to be a ?EURoegirly-girl?EUR who enjoys fashion, cheerleading, and shopping. Mariah's interests cover a wide span from Barbie's and cooking to remote control cars and running. Mike is a pretty typical boy who loves football and Cub Scouts. Delia, Mike, and Mariah all enjoy school and, with the right supports, earn good grades. All three children communicate well with peers and adults when in a positive and encouraging environment. Visit us at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Delia requires a family that will provide positive social interaction, help her build self-esteem, and guide her into her teenage years. Her forever family will be patient and understanding. Delia has great potential and will be successful in all she does with the love and support of caring parents. She would love a family who enjoys cooking and participating in activities as a family.


Agency Child ID: 82581

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