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Desmond is a 17-year-old boy from California who is hoping to be adopted.

Desmond will engage you with his smile. He loves to move around in his chair and repetition really seems to soothe him. Desmond loves music and enjoys all kinds of melodies. Although he is non-verbal, he can let you know what he needs with cries and by making simple noises. Desmond is attending school and is making some progress in the academic area. All services are in place to help Desmond with his development. Sensory books are used to help Desmond learn to explore different textures. Also, he is receiving therapy that helps him to respond to auditory stimuli.

Desmond was born prematurely and has had several medical issues since birth. He has a diagnosis of Sickle Cell, Chronic Lung Disease, Seizure Disorder, Failure to Thrive, Mental Retardation and Blindness. He is currently being fed through a G-tube.

Desmond is a great kid. He needs a skilled, patient, and loving family that will help him grow and feel safe. He will make a wonderful addition to any family lucky enough to have him.

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