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Jalen is a 9-year-old boy from Texas who is hoping to be adopted.

Jalen is an active child who loves to run, jump, and play. He loves being outside and enjoys outside activities such as riding his bike and playing with his neighborhood friends. He makes friends easily and is well liked by his peers. He gets along well with other children of all ages. He loves super heroes and his favorite super hero is Batman. He enjoys reading Dr. Seuss books and can read sight words. He especially likes being read bedtime stories. Jalen loves to go shopping and really likes to pick out his own clothes. He is a kindhearted child who loves to gives hugs and kisses. He has no attachment issues and will bond easily. He likes to stay busy and does very well with structure. He is easily redirected when he misbehaves. Due to his age, Jalen needs age appropriate adult supervision. Jalen is excited about being adopted. He wants to be adopted with his brothers. He expressed that he wants a two parent home that is loving and nice to him. He is longing to have family that is active and enjoys family outings. He wants a father figure that will teach him things. Jalen participates in supportive services to address his feelings about adoption and any other issues that arise in the home. Jalen receives special assistance in school. He is educationally on target. His school reports no behavioral issues as he responds well with structure. He enjoys school and likes to learn.

Jalen, Demerriko, and Sterling are a tremendous trio who share a great brotherly bond. The boys are typical siblings who at times have sibling conflicts, but their love and bond conquers all. They are very much bonded with each other and desire to be adopted together. Jalen is the youngest child of the sibling group and enjoys attention. Jalen enjoys reading books and having bedtime stories read to him at night. He enjoys being the baby brother but at times he wishes he could do the things his older brothers do. Jalen really enjoys following Sterling and strives for attention whenever he can get it. Demerriko is the oldest child of the sibling group and enjoys being a big brother to his siblings. He is very protective of his brothers and enjoys having the responsibility of setting a good example for his brothers. He likes to serve as a role model, especially to Sterling, the middle child. He is awesome with his brothers! Demerriko enjoys drawing and putting together model cars. Sterling is very close to his brothers. He challenges his brother, Demerriko to excel academically and loves to read to Jalen. Sterling is very athletic and love being involved in team sports. He is very friendly and makes friends easily. The boys are excited to have a forever family together. They are great kids with a lot of potential as they continue to grow and develop into young men. Jalen, Demerriko, and Sterling are not only, brothers, but best friends.

A structured family will be suitable for Jalen. He needs a loving, patient, nurturing family who will establish clear boundaries, limits, and expectations. His family will need to establish positive and negative consequences for his behavior and consistently follow through with the consequences. Jalen also needs a family who will continue to provide age appropriate activites in order to facilitate in his development.


Agency Child ID: 78702

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  • Name: Jalen
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 9
  • State: Texas
  • Siblings: 2
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