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Kadyn is a 3-year-old boy from Texas who is hoping to be adopted.

Kadyn is a charming and spontaneous child. He enjoys riding bikes, playing outside, and building things with blocks. Kadyn laughs and smiles often and likes to be involved in what others are doing. He is a very active and energetic child who benefits from reminders to be quiet and focused. Kadyn is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He receives supportive services and with constant care, nurturance, and attention, he is moving closer to being on target for his age. Kadyn is loving and affectionate towards his caregivers and foster siblings. With peers or adults he is not familiar with, he struggles more with interacting appropriately. He sometimes has difficulty talking or relating with his peers. Kadyn thrives when he has a routine, but struggles to adjust when his routine is changed.

Adyn and Kadyn are fraternal twins and thus share a uniquely close bond with each other. They can often be found playing with their blocks together or riding bikes alongside one another. Adyn and Kadyn are also protective of one another and will try and console the other if they're having a challenging time or have become upset. They will often ask where the other one is when they are not together. Adyn typically acts as the leader of the two; guiding and modeling for Kadyn how to interact with peers in an appropriate and playful manner. Kadyn looks up to his brother and does his best to imitate his actions and attitudes. Together, Adyn and Kadyn?EUR(TM)s personalities complement one another well.

Adyn and Kadyn will be most successful with a family that sets clear boundaries and follows through on consequences if the boundaries are surpassed. They love to cuddle and give love and affection to their current foster siblings, so they will do very well with other children. Ideally, their family will be open to on-going sibling contact with their three older siblings who are not part of this adoption.




Agency Child ID: 81535

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