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Malajah is a 11-year-old boy from Texas who is hoping to be adopted.

Malajah has a loving personality and gives and receives affection freely. He enjoys spending one on one time with his caregiver. Malajah is an active child who enjoys participating in recreational activity. He loves horses and seems to be a natural cowboy. Horseback riding helps Malajah soothe his demeanor. He enjoys playing with his figurine horses and toy trucks. He has a fascination for puppies. Malajah rides his bicycle often. He also enjoys books about animals and likes to mimic the sounds animals make. He likes to watch educational programs and cartoons. His favorite shows are "Sesame Street," "Barney" and "Callou." Malajah has an artistic gift in drawing and coloring. Malajah is currently enrolled in a special services program learning life skills. Malajah's mood is not always attentive. He does not perform well in a group setting as he often times acts out and will need re-direction. When given time to de-escalate, he does well. Malajah produces single syllable words and he communicates in 3-6 word sentences. He has substantial speech and communication delays. He participates in speech therapy to help him. He has hearing impairment due to past ear infections. Malajah also has asthma. He uses an inhaler and medication to control his breathing. Malajah is able to complete some activities of daily living independently. Mornings are not his best time and he requires assistance to prepare for school. Malajah has a healthy appetite and is not a picky eater. He likes to hide hard eggs in his bed. He looks forward to eating pancakes every Saturday morning. When he eats, he lines his food in row.

Malajah will benefit from a two parent home with older children. The family must be able to work with children with special needs and challenges. A family with the ability to recognize his strengths as well as his limitations is needed, Malajah needs a family who will explore programs that will meet his needs and provide him with educational tools for stimulation. He needs a proactive family who is able to team up with professionals who will work together to address issues of social and emotional development, communication, education, nutrition, and mobility. Malajah needs a family who can provide him with supervision, praise, and encouragement. The family will be patient and consistent and willing to engage in general practices that have been proven to help children of all ages adapt more readily to their new families, culture and environment. Malajah's potential parents will be dedicated in providing him with extensive and lifelong care. The family will be completely dedicated towards the best interest of Malajah.


Agency Child ID: 78086

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