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Melissa is a 21-year-old girl from Alabama who is hoping to be adopted.

Melissa, Judy, Barrish, and Marcus are a sibling group that is very attached to each other.

Melissa, born in November 1997, is a beautiful girl with a very positive and caring spirit. Melissa is very friendly. She enjoys getting her hair done, and she loves fashion. Melissa also loves to talk on her cell phone. She is very helpful. She does chores without being prompted and she helps take care of her siblings. Melissa can be very shy, but she warms up quickly to people. She does receive special education services. She attends regular classes but has accommodations made for her. She generally makes good grades.

Judy, born in September 2000, has a beautiful smile and she is very friendly. Judy is very attached to her siblings. She loves to travel and see new things. She loves children and interacts very well with small children and babies. Judy loves technology. She is very good with computers and tablets. She does receive special education services. She spends most of her day in a resource classroom.

Barrish, born in August 2004, is a very curious child who talks to anyone and asks many questions. He has a very pleasant disposition. Barrish does have to be prompted to do daily tasks. Barrish loves football. He also likes toy trucks and cars. He loves animals and he loves to play outside. Barrish receives special education services. He spends most of his day in a resource classroom.

Marcus, born in October 2008, is a very loveable and energetic young boy. He loves to play with toys. He loves cars and trucks. Marcus likes to watch TV. He also likes to play with blocks and do puzzles. Marcus is a very active child. He enjoys being around people he knows, and he is very attached to his siblings. Marcus responds positively to prompting, redirection, and verbal praise. He has moderate behavioral and emotional needs and requires constant supervision. Marcus receives special education services. He spends most of his day in a resource classroom.

The perfect family for this sibling group would be a two-parent family with or without other children. The family would need to be very structured and understanding of the special needs of these children. Melissa, Judy, Barrish, and Marcus have very unique needs, and they deserve a forever family.

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