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Nolan is a 13-year-old boy from Virginia who is hoping to be adopted.

Nolan is a bright young man. He is small for his age and sometimes has difficulty seeing the positive in himself. He wears glasses but hopes to wear contact lenses one day. Because he is very conscience about his appearance, he is also excited about the prospects of getting braces to correct a dental problem. Nolan gets along well with all other children except his sister. He teases her a lot and this causes some problems in the home. He struggles at times with his classroom work but is overall an average student. Nolan takes medication and this has helped with behavioral issues in the home. He is anxious about finding an adoptive home. He wants to be adopted as he says that he is tired of moving around. This young man smiles a lot and is enjoyable to be around. He likes to play baseball and he would love to play on the school team some day. He also enjoys being outside when it is nice and likes climbing trees. Nolan has recently moved to a new school and says he is adjusting well and has made some new friends. He has been getting taller and stated he is now a 1/2 inch taller than his sister: this is exciting to him. He loves his sister and they have been through a lot together. He has problems sleeping sometimes but with medication he has been sleeping better. Nolan would like to be placed with a family that will promise to help him maintain his contacts with his sister even if they are unable to live in the same household. He is waiting for the right family.

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