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Nyheaven is a 12-year-old girl from Texas who is hoping to be adopted.

Nyheaven is a very extroverted child. She is energetic and outgoing. She enjoys meeting new people and instantly feels comfortable with her peers. She is able to easily establish rapport with others. Nyheaven gets along well with children of all ages. With adults, she is not talkative upon first meeting, but she is polite and well-mannered. She does not initiate conversation; however, she will participate in a conversation by providing minimal responses. Nyheaven's favorite time of the year is summertime. She enjoys outdoor activities such as swimming, playing at the waterpark, riding her scooter, and playing outside with her sister. When inside, Nyheaven likes to play board games, color, and watch TV. She also looks forward to visiting the carnivals, parks, and other fun places within the community. Nyheaven likes to laugh and has an excellent sense of humor. In school, Nyheaven receives accommodations in math and reading. Her favorite subjects are science and reading. Nyheaven is very motivated to learn. She makes mostly A's and B's. On occasion, she has difficulties staying in her seat or getting out of her seat without permission. Nyheaven has a healthy appetite and she enjoys a variety of foods. Her favorite foods are hamburgers; pizza; corn; mashed potatoes with gravy; cabbage; green beans; chicken; pork chops; and potato salad. A very family-oriented child, Nyheaven actively participates in family outings such as church, family dinners, and water parks. She is also very affectionate and loves to be hugged, kissed, and held.

Heaven and Nyheaven are sweet children who are happy and eager to please those around them. They get along fairly well together and are able to play well with other children. Heaven is an introverted child who is calm and laid back. She enjoys a variety of activities, such as swimming and playing at the water splash pad. Nyheaven is extroverted and energetic. She likes similar activities, including riding her scooter and playing with her sister. At times, Heaven and Nyheaven get annoyed and become inflexible. However, they can be redirected with conversation. This dynamic duo is inseparable and very bonded and loyal to each other. They depend on one another for support. They are very protective of each other at all times. Sometimes, they have sibling disagreements and become jealous of each other; however, they enjoy playing together. They enjoy various kinds of foods and they like to play with toys and games. Heaven and Nyheaven are anxiously awaiting their opportunity to be a part of a family where they can develop a close relationship with their forever family.

Nyheaven will do well in a one-or two-parent home with no children or younger children. She will do best in a home environment that is highly structured and supportive, with parents who set consistent rules and reinforce positive behaviors with praise. Heaven responds well to routine and stability. Her family should also be a close family that is active in community activities. If the family has pets, Nyheaven has not had much involvement with animals and may be afraid at first.




Agency Child ID: 63936

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