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Shawn is a 17-year-old boy from Texas who is hoping to be adopted.

Shawn has a natural curiosity and is a young child who is always asking questions about the environment around him. He enjoys eating pizza, bean burritos, and peanut butter sandwiches. Although he prefers to play independently, he enjoys going to the Boys and Girls Club and has a few friends that he likes to hang around. Shawn is considered legally blind and is diagnosed with Usher Syndrome and V.A.T.E.R syndrome, a term used for multiple genetic abnormalities. Shawn requires regular medical care to monitor his conditions and will require some adaptive programs to help compensate for his vision loss. Shawn likes school but has much difficulty maintaining his focus and motivation. He will need parents committed to advocating for his needs at school and willing to work closely with him at home to ensure that he stays on target developmentally. He needs frequent encouragement and lots of one-on-one attention to build his self-esteem and learn ways to become more independent

Shawn will need a family who is committed to helping meet his physical and emotional needs. Shawn will do best in a family where he can have plenty of one-on-one attention, as well as encouragement to do his best. Shawn does well with pets and other children in the home. It is important for Shawn to maintain contact with his sisters, who are not part of this adoption.


Agency Child ID: 43675

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