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Timothy is a 17-year-old boy from Texas who is hoping to be adopted.

Timothy is a very inquisitive youth with a big imagination. He is able to turn anything into a toy. He likes to tell jokes and act silly. He is very close to his older brother and they consider each other to be best friends. Timothy continues to need help to improve his social skills and impulse control. He has had a hard time forming relationships with peers and adults. Timothy has shown so much improvement and is excited about going to school. He is working and making progress on his social skills and does well overall in playing with other children. He benefits from modifications in the classroom structure. Timothy really wants to succeed in his goals and has a lot of potential. At times he has difficulty staying on task and is distracted easily. Timothy is proud of himself when he accomplishes his goals. He enjoys affection, loves adult attention, and especially likes to receive praise.

Timothy has a lot to offer a family. He is eager to be adopted and ready to have a permanent family of his own. He needs a family who will believe in him and help him reach his full potential. Timothy will do well in a family who will provide stability, consistency, and structure. He thrives on praise and positive attention. The ideal family will be active and give him appropriate outlets for his energy and enthusiasm. Timothy needs a family who will understand and support the sibling bond that he and his brother share. Although they are not being adopted together, they want and need to continue to have contact through phone calls, letters, and possible visits.


Agency Child ID: 45257

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