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Noah is a 20-year-old boy from Europe who is hoping to be adopted.

Noah, born November 1997 is a sweet boy who loves to smile and listen to music. He enjoys playing with toys on his own and prefers to interact with adults in a quiet atmosphere. He recently has learned how to have some hand over hand play with an iPad. He enjoys eating at McDonald's and listening to music at school and in the car. He loves his bean bag chair and his stuffed animals. On any given day you will see him in that chair holding one of his animals, hugging it. At school he is learning to use correct table manners and to be more social with the children in his class. He understands simple communications but is non verbal. He can dress himself and put his shoes on the correct feet. He can also feed himself. Noah is on a potty schedule and does very well with that. He does not know sign language and it is uncertain if he has the capacity to learn that form of communication. He is learning using a VOCA and with hand over hand assistance. He is entering the 10th grade for the 2013-2014 year with specific IEP services to address areas of need. Noah does not do well with animals or young children. He does not understand boundaries with either of them and tends to be too rough when he is trying to show affection and play. Noah needs an advocate for services as well as a caregiver invested in helping him learn and progress. There is evidence from professionals who have interacted with Noah that he may be capable of learning more communication techniques than what is currently believed but he needs the consistency a family can give him in achieving those goals. This will take commitment and effort on the part of the parent(s) and a willingness to help this young man achieve to his fullest potential. Noah is currently residing in a group setting and it is believed he could flourish with a family.

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Agency Child ID: 590120100040CTB

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